Delivery Info

Delivery Charges
2000 Bricks - 3500 Bricks - R 450.00 per delivery
4000 Bricks and more - Delivery included

Please check in which delivery Zone you are building in!

General Information
All bricks delivered will be offloaded outside the premises or at the nearest accessible point. Trucks are NOT ALLOWED to
enter any site or offload over a wall/fence, without written permission from the owner. Pretoria Brickworks will not accept
 responsibility for damages of any kind.

It remains the customer's responsibility to notify Pretoria Brickworks of any difficulties in accessing their site. This includes:
Panhandles, narrow pavements, poor road conditions, any inclines, etc. Offloading area must be level.

Delivery addresses must be correctly supplied with your order. If incorrect, and a second attempt at delivery must be made,
this will not be executed until payment for the extra trip has been received. Should orders be cancelled after delivery, or we
have to remove bricks for reasons other than that relating to incorrect bricks being delivered on our part, refunds will exclude
delivery charges.

Any order over 5000 bricks may be subject to a delivery schedule of a load every 2nd working day.

Customers will be given a delivery date. Please ensure that there is somebody on site to accept the bricks. Deliveries take
place between 5h00 and 18h00.

No customer will be phoned before delivery is done, unless specifically instructed by the customer when order is placed.

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